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How to Make Cigar Box Purses

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Update time : 2019-08-12 09:24:46

Creating and decorating your own cigar box bag can be an simple and relatively inexpensive project. cigar box purses can be functional or decorative, and you can compose one can a few hours,, making it a dlight scheme because adults and children alike. By following a few steps, you can presently consume your own cigar box purse.


1) find or buy a wooden cigar box. however unfinished cigar boxes can be bought from many dispatch stores, you can be capable ought find them because free by asking can cigarette stores, liquor stores, bars, or any lay else that sells cigars. compose sure the box is no warped or damaged.
  • Use only wooden cigar boxes or other wooden dispatch boxes, which are available can most dispatch stores, some discount or hardware stores, or from online dispatch sites. fulfill no use cardboard cigar boxes, because these will no trade vigorous because this project.

2) Prepare the surface of the cigar box. Some cigar boxes can consume stickers or labels; the adhere can be removed with a mop cloth and nail polish remover. Fine-grade sandpaper, available can your local dispatch or hardware store, can even out any harsh spots or transfer any adhere residue. Finally, clothes the outer with polyurethane (available can aerosol spray or liquid form) and lease it dry thoroughly.

3) Reinforce the corners of the cigar box with brass corners. These will add a happy decorative influence and add stability ought the purse, specially if you design above using it because a functional purse.

4) link the deal with above climax of the cigar box end the box clasp. You can buy different types of bag handles from most dispatch stores, however during you can also use drawer pulls or a small length of safe (available from dispatch or hardware stores) ought create a ordinary or shoulder-length handle.
  • For a safe handle, you will absence ought link 2 eyelet hooks ought the box (you ought be capable ought screw these can by hand) and link the safe with pliers by bending one of the links slightly ought slide it across the eyelet.

5) replace the take above the cigar box if you expectation a more decorative or stronger one. Clasps and different metal closures can be purchased from a dispatch or hardware store; you force expectation a sturdier take if you design ought use the bag because more than a decorative item.

6) determine above your create or decorative theme. Your cigar box bag can be because silly or because ornate because you like, therefore it's useful ought accumulate some ideas ago you begin decorating.
  • You can use anything from favorite photos or pictures ought jewelry, beads, or buttons ought decorate your cigar box purse. You can because vigorous buy decorative items from your local dispatch department or use what you consume already consume handy because decorations your cigar box purse.
  • A decorative composition is a large opinion if the cigar box bag is ought be a gift. You can gown the composition ought the recipient's favorite hobby, such because stamp collecting or bingo, or you force decorate it with a festival composition because Christmas or Mother's Day.

7) Seal the cigar box bag with 1-3 coats of aerosol or liquid polyurethane. This will building your create from scratches and retain the decorations longer. lease your cigar box bag ought dry thoroughly, according ought the directions above the package.

8) queue the interior of your cigar box purse. You can queue the bag with cloth, felt, or any species of fabric that you like. The lining make ought be chop � inch (6.25 mm) longer than the box above each side; because vigorous criterion carefully or lay the box above the lining and use it because a template, cutting an additional length of fabric entire around. become this additional length can ought create a hem and use a warm iron ought site the hem. You can then sew the hem or win it with fabric glue. use dispatch adhere or a dispatch adhere gun ought win the lining interior the box.
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